History of Milan van de Plas

Rating of Milan van de Plas as a function of time

Game Balance of Milan van de Plas, sorted by Ratings of Opponents
PlaceDateSignificanceSurname PrenameRating ↑ExpectedObservedNet Yield
Lint2013-11-100.000596  KorosmezeyMarc1388 0.00005 0.00000 -0.00005
Lint2013-11-100.000596  DeblaereJeroen664 0.01167 0.00000 -0.01167
Lint2013-11-100.000596  JanssensFederico425 0.06405 0.00000 -0.06405
Lint2013-11-100.000596  JanssensDanny86 0.37458 0.00000 -0.37458
Lint2013-11-100.000596  PlasTom van de-37 0.54965 1.00000 0.45035
Lint2013-11-100.000596  GyselenElke1.00000 


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