World Championships, Thessaloniki Open      Θεσσαλονίκη 2014-08-31
Group: 2nd,  Scoring: 6 3 1
#Surname PrenameNationalityRatingStandingsResults
1BaasDennisNL1736+1813.6 2793.559.04=7+6+3+2+
2BoerRoseline deNL1436+3215.2 2296.059.010+3=4+6+1-
3GilfesisStamatisGR1442+1258.1 2291.554.57+2=5+1-9+
4SirabonianNatalieGR14231.8 2286.549.51=9+2-8+6+
5GerritsTheoNL1390-1254.0 2072.040.08+6-3-9+7+
6VlastosChristosGR1330-334.0 15101.064.09+5+1-2-4-
7HaarEric van deNL1108-1238.7 1599.059.53-1-8+0+5-
Results from:  Pim Niemeijer  2014-09-09  "thessa2014open.* in"


About half of the boards played without graveyards infringing the ISF Game Rules (section 06, the sequence of a single move). A
player complained about that at the tournament organisation before the first round of the senior tournament on 2014-08-29. A
feasible solution was found (using the new games graveyards) but it was not put into practice. No formal complaint had been
filed to the ISF by a player or an NSO though.


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