Mind Sport Olympiad      London 2014-08-17
Group: ere 1st 2nd,  Scoring: 6 3 1
#Surname PrenameNationalityRatingStandingsResults
1SchepersJohnNL1453+182.5 3077.542.54+3+5+2+0+
2PridmoreBenGB11820.8 2582.542.55+0+3+1-4+
3PearceDavid MGB777+187.3 1592.552.5+0/20+1-2-4+5-
4AasVidarNO649-1233.6 1592.552.5+0/21-5+0+3-2-
5MaehrMichaelAT742-2582.4 1592.552.5+0/22-4-1-0+3+
Results from:  John Schepers  2014-08-21  "Doc2.doc"


Though being less than 5 players the tournament is promoted to a regular ISF tournament


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