Eindhoven 1998-03-15
Group: top,  Scoring: 6 2 0
#Surname PrenameNationalityRatingStandingsResults
1SnellemanWimNL1727+657.2 2462.040.05+4+2-3+6+
2BergErik van denNL1682+1058.6 2264.040.03=6+1+4+5=
3GeffenJohnny vanNL1640+759.2 2066.042.02=5+6+1-4+
4AdriaansenLucNL1449+3119.9 1274.050.06+1-5+2-3-
5SikteoeboenWimNL1624-1763.6 878.054.01-3-4-6+2=
6GerritsTheoNL1444-3145.1 086.054.04-2-3-5-1-
Results from:  Johnny van Geffen  2009-08-10  "stratego tournaments (1).xls"


In round 5 Wim Sikteoeboen had been reported to have drawed against Johnny. But Johnny won against
Luc. Therefore I paired Wim against Erik.
I changed the scoring from 6-3-1 to 6-2-0 which was common for top players at that time.


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