EGC De Vos Recycling Grand Prix Final      Brussels 2018-12-01
Group: ere 1st 2nd,  Scoring: 6 3 1
#Surname PrenameNationalityRatingStandingsResults
1BergiersPhilippeBE1529-074.8 2477.046.0+0/13+2=6+4+5=
2BaasDennisNL1690-082.0 2477.046.0+0/16+1=4=5+3+
3KorosmezeyMarcBE1378+058.8 2081.050.01-4+5+6+2-
4VosKees deNL1434-0190.3 1784.053.05+3-2=1-6+
5VerdoodtGeertBE1252+050.8 992.061.04-6=3-2-1=
6FrancqAndrĂ©BE1142-053.2 794.061.02-5=1-3-4-
Results from:  Mark Lukich Kunin  2018-12-08  "EGC De Vos Recycling Grand Prix Final 2018.xls"


Philippe and Dennis played 3 games in Barrage to determine the winner of the ECC GP Final. Philippe - Dennis 2-1


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