History of Wouter van der Helm

Rating of Wouter van der Helm as a function of time

Game Balance of Wouter van der Helm, sorted by Dates of Events
PlaceDate ↑SignificanceSurname PrenameRatingExpectedObservedNet Yield
Rotterdam2002-08-230.000000  BaertAlexandre1498 0.02209 0.00000 -0.02209
PolleRemy1031 0.34151 0.00000 -0.34151
BodegomWesley van808 0.65456 1.00000 0.34544
PoppelaarsSara306 0.98252 1.00000 0.01748
ErnstDaniel-123 0.99932 1.00000 0.00068


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