Mind Sport Olympiad      London 2013-08-18
Group: ere 1st 2nd,  Scoring: 6 3 1
#Surname PrenameNationalityRatingStandingsResults
1RatcliffeRichardGB1891-1632.8 2792.054.55+6+2+3=8+
2VosKees deNL1467+4164.0 2594.054.54+3+1-6+5+
3ArnottJonathanGB1358+1049.1 2292.057.59+2-4+1=6+
4MaehrMichaelAT10080.8 2084.552.02-9+3-7+0+
5PearceDavid MGB792-546.2 15102.060.01-8+6-0+2-
6SargeantChristopherGB1253-5316.0 1599.059.57+1-5+2-3-
7RatcliffeEmersonGB721-576.3 1575.050.06-0+8-4-9+
8XuLiyanCN7680.8 1577.042.55-7+9+1-
9SargeantJackGB246-2046.1 1087.052.53-4-0+8-7-
Results from:  Richard Ratcliffe  2013-08-20  "MSO 2013 RESULTS.doc"


5 Rounds of Bronstein 50/12/04.
Liyan Xu entered the tournament after the first round pairings were made, but before the first round had started.
Organiser: Richard Ratcliffe
Arbiter: Mark Lukich Kunin


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