Mind Sport Olympiad      London 2006-08-27
Group: ere 1st 2nd,  Scoring: 6 3 1
#Surname PrenameNationalityRatingStandingsResults
1EeftingRoelNL1696+852.2 34169.0128.08+3-6+4+5+2+10=
2RatcliffeRichardGB1649+1014.5 32184.0131.07+4-8+3+6+1-5+
3GerritsTheoNL1513+11114.9 32167.0124.05+1+4+2-7-10+9+
4BaasDennisNL1677-5117.6 29182.0131.06+2+3-1-9+5=8+
5ArttDarrylGB1512+815.7 24175.0132.03-7+9+10+1-4=2-
6KuninMark LukichUA1386+1266.3 24162.0119.04-10+1-9+2-8=7+
7HaarEric van deNL1344+3103.9 22157.0116.02-5-10+8+3+9-6-
8SchepersJohnNL1439-6124.2 19167.0124.01-9+2-7-10+6=4-
9VosKees deNL1445-9217.1 17159.0118.010+8-5-6-4-7+3-
10RansonDannyGB10391.4 9172.0121.09-6-7-5-8-3-1=
Results from:  Dennis Baas  2006-09-13  "crossolympiad.txt"


The cross table is not sorted by standings.
Initially and by an oversight I had duplicated the tournament (sourced from http://www.strategobond.nl/home.html) in the
database with an accidentialy modified date. Without the bad date the copy would not have been accepted. Thanks to
Eberhard Pausch (e-mail on 2009-04-10) who advised me of the blunder, I eliminated the duplicate. Anyway, I was not
able to find out the date of the 10th MSO. It could be the 2006-09-10 as well.


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